Malaysia Batik!

Hey Monday! It was a worn-out day of this season.I'm not forcing myself to wake up early in the morning for going to classes. There are 3 classes today which starting on 8.30a.m- 10.20am then followed by 10.30a.m-12.20p.m. Next? it was a lunch time! Having lunch with course mates at Selasih is a great time for relaxing my busy day. Selasih is one of the popular Restaurant in Seksyen 7 after Barra Restaurant (!/RestoranBarra). Then, next is CSC class at 2.10p.m-4.00p.m .

What I'm going to tell in this volume is regarding Batik of Malaysia. I just wanna share to anyone who are fall in love something about textile.:). Before this, I just make myself to ignore everything about arts and designs. But,the subject of Information Management (CSC) taught me how to appreciate the arts and designs in our country itself.

SO, I will show you my presentation for those adore with this kind of textile.

1st slide

2nd slide

3rd slide

4rd slide

5th slide

6th slide

i hope you will enjoy it! :-P

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