Real Madrid Vs Barcelona | Champions League Semifinal

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
0 vs 2
27 April 2011 19:45:00 BST
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu — Madrid
Referee:‬ W. Stark‎
Attendance:‬ 71567‎

For me, Barcelona are all hugs and smiles at the end, they deserved to do so. With a 2-0 advantage they appear set fair to reach the Champions League final once more. Say thanks to Pepe cause make one key player destroy the momentum of the game.With the dramatics from Jose Maurinho he sent to supporters seat. His style will give 1001 of questions. Sending out the information that he wrote on the piece of paper and trying constructed new strategy but Messi proved to be the difference on that game when he wrote another memorable page into his already remarkable career. 

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