6 ways for healthy hair style

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When I was in Primary and Secondary School my mother always scolding me to cut my hair as short as army hair style. During that time, I never care about fashion,style and trend that people frequently practice. In that case, I try the new thing to figure out the new hair style, so I was keeping my long hair before I jump into work environment.

Army hair style yang gagah setia hihi:)

1. Do dry hair gently
Beating up your hair with a rough towel and vigorous rubbing can cause serious damage. Physical force breaks off finer hairs, and newly emerging ones don’t even get a chance to survive. Use a super soft cloth and pat rather than rub the hair to rid it of excess moisture after bathing.

2.Don't use a bristled brush for styling
Styling time usually comes after a shower when hair is wet and in its most fragile state. Needless to say, tearing tracks down your scalp with a bristly brush isn’t the best idea. The only styling tool a man needs nowadays is his bare hands.

3.Do keep hair short
It’s time to say goodbye to those luscious locks you’ve been holding on to since college. Age is setting in, and things are thinning upstairs. Longer hairstyles only serve to accentuate what’s already gone, but a closer crop will maximize coverage, leaving no one the wiser. And if the situation is dire, go for the gusto: Hair for men is optional.

3.Don't comb it over
Two words:Donald Trump See the "do" above on keeping hair short in order to avoid this sad (and ineffective) strategy for handling hair loss.

4. Do try hair loss-prevention products

Most treatments for hair loss leave much to be desired. Balding concealer (scalp spray paint) quickly comes to mind. But sometimes the most obvious and effective choices for treatment get roped in with the fast fixes that don’t work. While other products have come and gone, tried-and-true Rogaine remains. Its special ingredient, minoxidil, is still one of the only scientifically proven methods for staving off hair loss and, yes, can even regrow hair.

5. Don't overdo it with styling products
Gels, pastes and putties serve a purpose: They help smooth hair and hold it in place. But nothing is worse for drawing unwanted attention to a scarce scalp than glopping on goo. Strands of hair end up clumping together only to bare all for world to see. Lay it on light to keep things covered up.

 6. Don't panic or do nothing

Shedding strands(keguguran rambut) here and there is no reason to sweat. In fact, it’s 100% normal to lose as many as 100 hairs every day. If you’re really shedding your coat, chances are it’s happening so slowly you may not notice until the pesky process is well underway. Once balding has begun, don’t deny it. Seek treatment -- personal or professional -- and then move on to life’s more important problems.


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