The hairstyles mostly hate by women!

Here, I gonna share with you some tips especially to men regarding the hairstyles that women really hate it..So, for men, you cannot simply structured and design your hair in your own style.A bad cut, however, can make women avoid you like H1N1.

To help you in your quest to woo the opposite sex, we’ve compiled a list of the top hairstyles women hate so that you’ll know what to avoid on your next trip to the barber, and we’ve also suggested alternatives guaranteed to make females swoon at your feet. So, ENJOY 'washing ur eyes' below.


Long hair

Emo cut



Slicked-back hair


Alternatively: How about your opinion people? Now, you can get the view on this? Try to design your hair differently compare to the hairstyles above. I guaranteed that you can looks better in the eyes of women. You can also see the previous post the trendy men's hair styles that preferable to use.

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