Menurut kajian terbaru : Chelsea lebih gemar menunjukkan belang mereka di tempat lawan.. terutama Old Trafford..

Wayne Rooney (left) scores Manchester United's winner at Stamford Bridge

List of player of Chelsea v Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday  

My comment; As i watched the game before, what can I say is Manchester United deserved to be declared as a winner. All the Chelsea player should be blamed because failed to score any goal even they control the game at all. For me, I wanna blame Carlo Ancelotti because doesn't give David Luis opportunity to play this game.( I'm not the fan of Chelsea BUT I'm attracting with David Luis style).

What They said;


Muhammad Hilmi Isa (MU Fanatic fan)
Rooney's strike gives the Reds a vital 1-0 win at Chelsea. Will we close them out next Tuesday to reach the Champions League semi-finals?
Hafiz Cendol Pulut
Chelsea plays very bad, it's better for me to watch Barca game last nite! 
Dean Baharudin
I hope Barca will destroy the MU at last!

Chelsea plays hard to win


Result; Chelsea vs MU;0-1

Man of the match: Rooney.

Match rating: 8/10.

Referee: A U Mallenco (Sp).

Attendance: 37,915


  1. manu is nothing.................manu mcm pasir2 di jalan raya...

  2. MU bagus cukop!

  3. manu....manu dah sunderland, same jer bagi aku..